~~ Previous artwork - South African birds and wildlife ~~

Please note all paintings on this page have been sold. Click on the thumbnails for a larger image:

'Woodland Guineafowl'         "Woodland Guineafowl". Oil on canvas-board, framed, 1150 mm x 840 mm incl. frame.

No time to lose         'No time to lose'. Acrylic on Canvas, 970 mm x 700 mm..

'Crested Guineafowl'         "Crested Guineafowl". Oil on Gesso board, framed, 980 mm x 780 mm.

Quiet Time         "Quiet Time". Large Oil on Gesso Board. Framed, 1480mm x 1040mm incl. frame.

After the Rain      'After the Rain' Oil on Gesso Panel. 1470 mm x 1090 mm. 

Bushveld Guineafowl'' align =      'Bushveld Guineafowl' Oil on Gesso Panel. 1080mm x 840mm. 

'Greywing at Golden Gate'      'Greywing at Golden Gate'. Oil on Gesso panel. 950 mm x 750 mm.

'Guineafowl Sundowners'      "'Guineafowl Sundowners'" Oil on canvas, 1080 mm x 840 mm. 

Guineas in the path      "Guineas in the path". Oil on textured board. 700mm x 980mm.

Chobe Buffalo      Chobe Buffalo Oil on Gesso panel.

Red necked Spurfowl      Red necked Spurfowl. Oil on Gesso panel.610 mm x 680 mm.

Dawn Dispute      Dawn Dispute Oil on Gesso Panel.

'The Amphitheatre at dawn.      The Amphitheatre at dawn. Oil on canvas board.

Crested Guineafowl      Crested-Guineafowl Oil on Gesso Panel. 1240 mm x 940 mm.

Crested Francolins      Crested Francolins.

Geese at sunset      "Geese at sunset" Oil on Gesso panel

Cape Turtle Doves      "Cape Turtle Doves" Acrylic on canvas. 

Guineas in the road      "Guineas in the road" Oil on Gesso panel, 750 mm x 630 mm. 

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