~~ Originals - African Wildlife ~~

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'The Matriarch'      'The Matriarch' Oil on Gesso board. Framed, 1750 mm x 1150 mm.

Zebra with Oxpecker         "Zebra with Oxpecker". Acrylics on canvas. unframed 300 mm x 400 mm.

Zebra-friends         "Zebra friends". Oil on canvas board. Framed 550 mm x 440 mm. sold

Greater Kudu portrait         "Greater Kudu portrait". Oil on box canvas. not framed, 510 mm x 760 mm. sold

'Leopard in a Marula Tree'         "Leopard in a Marula Tree". Oil on Canvas. Framed, 1020 mm x 760 mm. sold

'Close encounter'         "Close encounter". Acrylic on Canvas. Unframed, 1020 mm x 760 mm. sold

'Push off Piggies'         "'Push off Piggies'". Oil on Canvas. framed, 1020 mm x 760 mm. sold


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