~ Scenes from Africa - originals ~

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Best    'Best mates', Oil on deep canvas, unframed, 610 mm x 460 mm sold

Monna-moholo'    'Monna-moholo' - old man from Losotho, Oil on canvas, unframed, 430 mm x 590 mm

Pony    'Pony Cart, Ethiopia, Oil on canvas, unframed, 500 mm x 410 mm sold

Coffee    Coffee ceremony Ethiopia, Oil on deep canvas, unframed, 510 mm x 760 mm.

Ethiopian scene 'Off to Market'    "Ethiopian scene 'Off to Market'" Oil on Canvas, 910 mm x 610 mm unframed box canvas.

Avocet Cove    "Coastal scene with Avocets" Oils on Canvas, 1250 mm x 610 mm not framed. sold

The Amphitheatre in Summer    "The Amphitheatre in Summer" Oil on Canvas, 1000 mm x 710 mm incl.frame. sold

Chobe Dawn    "Chobe Dawn" Oil on Gesso panel, 1140 mm x 800 mm incl.frame. sold

Red Nguni Cow      "Red Nguni Cow" Oil on textured board, 1260 mm x 910 mm. Dark wood frame. sold

Black Nguni Cow      "Black Nguni Cow" Oil on textured board, 1000 mm x 710 mm. Dark wood frame. sold

Going down Rockeries Pass      "Going down Rockeries Pass" Oil on canvas, 1080 mm x 780 mm including frame. sold

The Old Ghanzi Road      "The Old Ghanzi Road" Oil on Gesso Panel, 1400 mm x 900 mm. Framed. sold

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