~~ Penny Meakin ~~

Penny was born in England and her early years were spent growing up in Kenya and later Zambia. From a young age, living in contact with the bush in central and southern Africa, Penny's close association with nature engendered in her an affinity for the African environment and its wildlife and birds, and a passion for her subjects and their conservation.

Penny's first scientific illustration projects, initially in carnivore anatomy and later in exacting species drawings for the South African Red Data Book of freshwater fish, were a base for further commissions and book projects, leading to a career as a wildlife artist and illustrator.

Over the years Penny has illustrated various aspects of a wide range of African wildlife subjects, and she now spends much of her time engaged in bird artwork and illustration. Birds are amongst Penny's favourite subjects because they epitomize wildlife in its most natural state, with the freedom that all wild creatures should have. In particular, gamebirds are often symbols of unspoilt wilderness in Africa.

Wildlife art, and especially illustration work,requires detailed reference material and she likes to complement field observation with her own photographs, skins, and when available fresh specimens. It is essential for her as an artist to see wild animals or birds in their natural habitat to get a feel for their "jizz" and environment.

Penny's artwork has appeared in many popular and scientific publications, and many books have been wholly or partially illustrated by her.

As one of 7 commissioned artists for the long-awaited Roberts V11 (Birds of Southern Africa), Penny's bird plates are featured in this landmark publication.

Penny was appointed sole artist for the definitive "Agred's Gamebirds of South Africa: Field Identification and Management", a book which has already received much acclaim.

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